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  7. Embryo transfer

Clearage stage embryo
before Embryo Transfer
When an embryo is ready to be put into the womb, it is loaded into a fine catheter together with a minute drop of fluid. After a brief vaginal examination, the tubing is inserted through the cervix. The culture fluid containing the embryo (or embryos, if there are more than one) is placed with gentleness into the womb. This is normally very easy and painless and needs no anaesthetic. At this stage, once an embryo has been transferred, all women are naturally nervous about what they can or cannot do. Some are so nervous that they lie rigid in bed for hours at a time. This is quite unnecessary - we simply want you to lie down for twenty minutes to help you relax.

Blastocysts ready for
Embryo Transfer
Remember that embryos never immediately implant after transfer - this takes place several days later and this is not influenced by routine activities - if implantation was prevented by moving around, no woman would ever get pregnant. We do not feel that you should regard yourself as an invalid, but it isn't unreasonable to take it easy for a few days. We have no evidence that even these simple precautions make any difference to success or failure, they are recommended simply for emotional reasons. There is definitely no need to stay in bed.

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